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Useful Tips and Tricks for SEO Blogger

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which can be controlled on-site as well as off-site. On the page, SEO is mostly covered by the user that includes the quality of the articles, optimization of the articles for keyword density, etc. The following tips will help the SEO blogger for proper optimization:

  • The use of permalink in the search engine SEO blogger of the post is useful. Thus, one should keep the characters number in the title of the post to 50 and should avoid using stop words while searching such as a, an, and the.
  • While writing any SEO blogger post there is an option popped up on the right panel of the window asking for the automatic or manual permalink. For manually editing the post, you should check on the manual permalink.

seo blogger

  • For obtaining a better ranking of your blog, keyword density has to be maintained. Very low density will lead to low rank and overcrowding of the keyword will result in over optimization.
  • One can also label the adds to the keyword density of blog post. However, the labels should be wide enough rather than stuffing them in a single narrow window of the post.
  • The title of the blog post is most important aspect of the SEO blogger.
  • The image posted on the blog should be optimized for the SEO. This can be accomplished by adding the alt tag and also title tags in each and every image posted on the blog. This has to be done manually unlike in the WordPress, where with the help of plugins one can optimize the images.
  • Provision of meta-tags is also useful for SEO blogger. The meta-tags are the HTML tags generated for use in the search engines in order to identify the title and other details and description of the URL.

Hence, the title, description, and the footer text are the important tool for SEO blogger.

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